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Welcome to Oak Knoll Animal Hospital

Oak Knoll Animal Hospital has been a St. Louis Park landmark for more than 30 years. One thing that has remained constant during that time is the overwhelming spirit of compassionate care that's a part of everything we do.

The medical staff at Oak Knoll is trained to practice the most current treatments available in veterinary medicine today. And they do it all with the same level of care that Oak Knoll Animal Hospital has always been known for.

From routine wellness exams to complex laser surgery, Oak Knoll Animal Hospital is still St. Louis Park's best choice for state of the art medical care combined with friendly, compassionate service.

We look forward to proving that to you!


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We are now offering ProHeart12, an injectable Heartworm Preventative.  Please call us for more information. 


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Symptoms of Heartworm?


Most dogs infected with heartworms do not show any signs for a long time.  Eventually, as the disease progresses, the animal may exhibit such signs as coughing, weakness, shortness of breath, and exercise intolerance. 


How Is Heartworm Disease Diagnosed And Prevented?


Heartworm disease is diagnosed with a blood test that detects antibodies to the parasite in cats and antigen produced by the worms in dogs. We recommend testing all dogs once a year, and using healthy and heartworm preventative once a month all year. We recommend testing cats that go outside, and any cats that show signs of respiratory distress or coughing.


Feline Leukemia Virus Infection


General information

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common and destructive of all cat viruses. It is highly contagious and is spread primarily by saliva during catfights, grooming or mating. The virus may also be spread by blood, urine and feces. Kittens may become infected while still in the womb, at birth, or during nursing.

Currently, there is no effective treatment for cats infected with FeLV. Of the cats persistently infected, about 25% will die within one year, and 75% will die within three years. Some may live longer, but tend to have various chronic illnesses.


There are no signs specific for FeLV infection, because it can affect any organ system. The main effect of the virus is to disrupt the cat’s immune system. While anemia is the most common disorder caused by the virus, cancer and various other diseases are common. Some disorders commonly associated with FeLV include: chronic GI or respiratory disease; chronic infection of the mouth, gums and tongue; chronic eye disease; frequent or chronic skin disease and frequent or chronic urinary tract infections.


Outdoor cats (ie those exposed to other cats) are at risk for developing FeLV infection. Testing and vaccination before exposure to the virus is the best means of preventing FeLV infection. The vaccination protocol is two initial vaccines one month apart, followed by yearly boosters. Without vaccination, isolation from other cats is the only means of prevention.


Important Notice:

The numbers of ticks and tick transmitted diseases are on the rise in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. The SNAP 4DX test allows our staff to perform your dog's annual heartworm test as well as screen for exposure to 3 of the more common tick borne diseases in MN - Lyme, Anaplasma and Ehrillichia. Oak Knoll has offered this test for many years in lieu of a standard heartworm test, and many clients have taken advantage of this more comprehensive care option. Now we have been able to procure better pricing on this test and are excited to announce that in 2019 we are using this test exclusively for our annual heartworm testing. Those clients who have already been taking advantage of the test will be pleased at its lower cost. For those new to the test, take comfort in knowing we are providing optimal medical care for your dog. Please don't hesitate to call with any questions. We look forward to keeping your pets healthy in 2019 and beyond!


The staff at Oak Knoll Animal Hospital

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What Our Clients Say


    I really like how you are open past 5pm. I work 7am-5pm. So the main reason I come was location, hours & reviews on Yelp.com. I did review you on that website saying how happy I am with the service I received. What I loved the most is even though my cat needed surgery, I said I only have this amount of money and you listened to my request. I appreciate that and the extra mile your staff went. I have honestly never been happier with a vet clinic. I will highly recommend this place.

  • ...They understand my crazy, pleaseseelucythisminute frantic calls. They treat her so well, coo at her just like I do, and make me feel comfortable leaving her for her various stomach pumps, surgery's, teeth cleanings and shots. The prices are reasonable and the staff is amazing!


    Amy C., Minneapolis 
  • I'm so grateful you were able to fit me in immediately. The situation would have only deteriorated if we'd had to wait. You have set up an extremely pet-centric business model. I hope it's successful so you can continue to offer this kind of exceptional care. P.S., results were immediate for us and I have my doggy back


    Christine Hartman 
  • "This is a long overdue thank you to the dedicated and caring staff at Oak Knoll Animal Hospital, who have treated our 2 dear miniature schnauzers, who are now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and currently our little rescue girl, a Yorkshire Terrier - Pomeranian mix. In particular, we’d like to acknowledge Dr. Smith, a veterinarian who offers the right combination of professional expertise, honest opinions, and compassion. In August 2013 we were on vacation in British Columbia when we received a call from our son that our sweet miniature schnauzer was having seizures. Throughout the next couple of days, until we could get home, Dr. Smith was in constant contact with us by phone, and even drove our little girl to a 24 hour emergency veterinary center, going above and beyond his responsibilities. We are grateful to Dr. Smith and the Oak Knoll staff, and will continue to put our trust of our beloved furry family members in their hands."


    Jean and Lynn Peterson
  • Wow! So kind and genuine, we could tell that your staff loves their work! We were also pleasantly surprised at how reasonable prices were; it's clear that you keep health for pets affordable


  • I really appreciated being able to get an appointment right away. The doctor was very friendly, helped me understand the issues, and was great with my cat.